June is such a powerful month within the year. The spring maiden is thriving after bringing the most luscious change of the year awaiting to transition. It resonates the anthem of those who define themselves by defiance, & they hold it with Pride. It is my birth month, charting my stars, aligning me a Gemini Sun, Rising Gemini, & Sagittarius Moon.

I can hold nothing but gratitude, & now, it’s time to reflect.

The universe willed me my first choice in moving to the east coast this year, beginning my work within the unit I love the most, fostering new friendships, experiencing a different norm, cultivating new relationships in many unique forms, & most importantly forcing change, testing my resilience.

Every aspect in my life that has changed, I’ve adapted to. In each, I utilized someone close to me to develop. I think this is all I have in me for now.

Further updates are to come, I’m traveling to New York for World Pride at the end of this month, tomorrow I turn 27, & immediately as this month comes to a close I’ll be traveling home to see my family.