A few nights ago, I took a drive out to Payson, AZ. I'd love to tell about the remarkable greenery and mountainscape that the place held; however, I drove out in the evening and stayed out only for the night. What I did manage to see while lit by the thunderstorm in the encompassing area was beautiful. It was about 40 degrees cooler than Scottsdale and it was further cooled with the wind and rain cascading over. 

While out there I managed to capture a collection of a few images. I saw a few because while working on my night photography skills the pen light I would use to set my camera and equipment up would capture the attention of many small insects, which then attracted bats... 

Needless to say, I'm not afraid of bats, but the sudden silent swooping of air overheard while out in an almost pitch black environment wasn't the most comforting. 

On a side note, a great friend of mine whom recently returned from deployment happened to message myself that night, real adventurous type. We're going camping in a week or so.