This past weekend, my tattoo artist, Angel came to visit me in Scottsdale.

Background: Angel has been the only person to tattoo me (aside from my first simple tattoo on my left forearm, which he proceeded to entirely redo and claim as his own), he’s also known me since before I left for the military. Over time we developed a unique relationship, which he deems us muses. We are muses to one another, we are not simply friends, but we are not lovers. We’re in the fine grey space between those two.

This unique visit had him travel to myself, versus the opposite. As we put one another under a microscope and took a step back to view the other’s life, we shared our insights with one another. Note, these are observations, sometimes advice, but always constructive.

He expressed his view of my tension as a whole, my sullen tunnel vision, and brilliance I’ve developed into while being on my own.

Due to this, I need to refine myself once more. For myself. This is all I have for now.